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Human-Based Leadership Rewarded: Employees Strike to Reinstate Former CEO

America’s history is marked with strikes led by under-valued workers demanding treatment as humans instead of a faceless workforce. When grocery store employees decided to strike for two months, the news was ordinary – except that the protest was in support of their former CEO.

Coral Ann Christopher Coral Ann Christopher

People Are Empowered from the Bottom Up

Hillary Clinton was on The Daily Show recently, and while there were lots of jokes about whether she is going to run for you-know-what, the conversation did turn to her new book. When it did, I thought for a few minutes I was suddenly transported to a Be Human Salon.

Kevin M. Mitchell Kevin M. Mitchell

TEDxGatewayArch Event Recap

TEDxGateway Arch’s most recent “Confluence” event took place on January 11, 2014. Big thanks to all of our speakers, exhibitors and sponsors for making this day a huge hit!

Jeanette Guellil Jeanette Guellil