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The Choices We Make

“Marketing used to be what you say … now, marketing is what you do. What you make. How you act. The choices you make when you are sure no one is looking.”

Kevin M. Mitchell Kevin M. Mitchell

Human-Based Leadership Rewarded: Employees Strike to Reinstate Former CEO

America’s history is marked with strikes led by under-valued workers demanding treatment as humans instead of a faceless workforce. When grocery store employees decided to strike for two months, the news was ordinary – except that the protest was in support of their former CEO.

Coral Ann Christopher Coral Ann Christopher

Office Politics

The most important issue you will face at work is the one thing they never teach you: office politics.

Dan Callahan Dan Callahan

What's In A Name

What’s in a name?

William Shakespeare said, “What’s in a name?” It’s the sweetest sound in the world when we hear it spoken aloud. When someone speaks our name, especially in a kind way, we are immediately called to attention. What about at work? How is our name used?

Dr. Charlie Cartwright Dr. Charlie Cartwright

Hack: The System of Leadership

We need a more holistic understanding of the factors influencing leadership (the verb) such as the systems, structures, and cultures already in place, which don’t necessarily change even if a leader has.

Elizabeth Drake Elizabeth Drake

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