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The Reverse Interview

We all know how the typical job interview goes. The interviewee is asked a series of questions such as, “What are your skills? How long have you been in the field? What are you looking for compensation-wise?…” You all know the drill. We all know these are important questions that are a necessity in the hiring process. But, if the employee is supposed to love their job, shouldn’t the interview experience be reversed/reciprocal?

Elaina Cokinos Elaina Cokinos

The Real Reason Why Productivity is Low

Our good friend, Dave Gray is featured in this fascinating article about company culture by Alexander Osterwalder. Oftentimes companies allow culture to “just happen” over time. This lack of care in the culture happens for many reasons.

Elaina Cokinos Elaina Cokinos

4 Ways the Virtual World Can Change the Workplace

What looks like playing a video game may soon be changing the age-old workplace. Virtual reality software is now a viable option for getting important work accomplished and moving an organization forward in the new technology era. This new workplace is becoming easier to implement in new, emerging as well as trusted, traditional business structures; and it is showing great promise in the manufacturing sector.

Jeanette Guellil Jeanette Guellil

Workplace Strategies that Enhance Health and Wellness

Leigh Stringer goes in depth on 10 fundamental design elements in your office that are having a daily impact on your employees’—impacting everything from productivity and energy levels, to concentration, creativity, and health—and what to do about it.

Elizabeth Drake Elizabeth Drake