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Be Human Salon

The next Be Human Salon is in the works! Watch for event details in the upcoming weeks. Please let us know if you are interested in attending future Be Human events by contacting us at social@behumanproject.net and join our movement to make business more human.

Jean Kennedy Jean Kennedy

People Are Empowered from the Bottom Up

Hillary Clinton was on The Daily Show recently, and while there were lots of jokes about whether she is going to run for you-know-what, the conversation did turn to her new book. When it did, I thought for a few minutes I was suddenly transported to a Be Human Salon.

Kevin M. Mitchell Kevin M. Mitchell

How To Appear Human Without Actually Being Human

I’m told that brevity is the soul of wit. As such, I thought about just typing the word “politicians” in this article and calling it done. My goal is to demonstrate that communicators — good people by nature — are taught by the tools they use to believe that it is wisdom to be a liar.

Eliot Frick Eliot Frick

The Inaugural Be Human Salon Preview

We are less than 3 weeks away from The Inaugural Be Human Salon. This is the first ever of its nature, so it is sure to be a stimulating experience for everyone involved. It will ultimately kick start our movement to help businesses embrace being human.

Jeanette Guellil Jeanette Guellil

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