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The Reverse Interview

We all know how the typical job interview goes. The interviewee is asked a series of questions such as, “What are your skills? How long have you been in the field? What are you looking for compensation-wise?…” You all know the drill. We all know these are important questions that are a necessity in the hiring process. But, if the employee is supposed to love their job, shouldn’t the interview experience be reversed/reciprocal?

Elaina Cokinos Elaina Cokinos

Be Human Salon

The next Be Human Salon is in the works! Watch for event details in the upcoming weeks. Please let us know if you are interested in attending future Be Human events by contacting us at social@behumanproject.net and join our movement to make business more human.

Jean Kennedy Jean Kennedy

Be Human Salon with Dave Gray

What does it mean to be a “connected” company? We explored this topic at the second Be Human Project Salon at the newly unveiled space of the bigwidesky office in Clayton. The event featured The Connected Company author Dave Gray and was hosted by award winning social media strategist Chris Reimer, proving to be a successful and thought-provoking evening.

Jean Kennedy Jean Kennedy

Be Human Salon: The Right Connection

A salon? That’s what my invitation says: “The Be Human Salon Featuring Special Guest Dave Gray.” Let me tell you why I’m so excited about what is, in fact, a very old idea.

Kevin M. Mitchell Kevin M. Mitchell

The Inaugural Be Human Salon Recap

We were thrilled when Peter Strople, the world’s most connected man, agreed to join us for our inaugural salon in February 2014. Our venue, the Dark Room at Spot Media Productions in St Louis, Missouri, proved to be the perfect setting for a comfortable and inspiring evening for everyone. You can now watch the full event video here.

Jeanette Guellil Jeanette Guellil

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