You are invited to the Sixth Be Human Salon
Be Human

The Sixth Be Human Salon

We are just weeks away from hosting our sixth Be Human Project Salon: Invisible Dynamics of Leadership on March 16. Our special guests, Laurence Hillman and Richard Olivier will discuss how ancient human archetypes combined with the Arts are the foundation for uncovering the invisible language of leadership.

Over the last two decades, Richard Olivier and Laurence Hillman have joined to blend their knowledge in powerful leadership development workshops in Richard’s home city of London and around the world. This unique evening will feature Laurence’s understanding of ancient archetypes along with Richard’s use of Mythodrama, a consulting technique based on great works of literature.

“Business actually needs what the Arts have to offer in order to survive. Creativity, imagination, flexibility, adaptability, effective communication, visionary tendencies and apparent insecurity have always been the staple diet of artists; and organizations are beginning to realize that the Arts have more to offer them than a night out or a sponsorship opportunity.”

– Richard Olivier, Inspirational Leadership: Henry V and the Muse of Fire.

While the seats for this salon are already filled, you can join movement to make business more human. For more information, please email

As a friend of the Be Human Project, you are invited to a free all-day event hosted by Laurence and Richard on March 16. Learn more here.

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