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Be Human Salon: Be Happy

In April, we begin our second season of Be Human salons, and we are thrilled to be featuring our friend and Be Human Salon provocateur, Chris Reimer. Chris has been a supporter and participant in the Be Human Project and the salons that bring it to “the people” from the very beginning, and it is a pleasure and honor to feature him and his new book, “Happywork,” on April 22.

I first met Chris many years ago, at the very first COCAbiz Spark! Conference. Not surprisingly, he was volunteering as the social media guru for the conference and was wowing the crowd with his charm and ability. Subsequently, our paths continued to cross for a few years until they merged with the Be Human Project.

Chris has shared the challenges and joys of authoring his first book with me over the past year, and “Happywork” was released to a groundswell of positive response in February. We are thrilled to have him sit down with Be Human Project founder Eliot Frick to talk about what motivated him to write the book and if life as an author is what he expected.

“Happywork” introduces an ambitious, professional consultant named Sam, who specializes in company turnarounds. Sam succeeds by “compartmentalizing people, streamlining processes, and creating systems of control.” He wastes no energy worrying about human emotions – he gets results … until things get out of control.

The book’s message  – the way we work is broken, our priorities are out of order, and now is the time for colossal change – echo the beliefs upon which the Be Human Project was founded.

This hosted conversation between two of St. Louis’ most prolific communicators is sure to inspire great conversation. If you are interested in attending, please email Brittany at brittany@behumanproject.net. Seating is limited to the first 50 respondents and reservations end on March 20.

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