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Eliot Frick

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Eliot Frick, the CEO and founder of marketing company BIGWIDESKY, has long been frustrated with our calcified communications theories and business cultures that ignore and exclude the humans at the center. He has been working with companies to model a new communications culture in which people simply talk with people and help brands become more human. His work with futurists like Jim Dator and Jake Dunagan at the Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies and the Institute For The Future have greatly inspired him and impacted his approach to brand and business. In addition to serving as BIGWIDESKY’s synthesist and futurist, Eliot is a sought-after author and speaker on topics as disparate as epistemology, political science, economics, user-centered design and media studies. It was Eliot’s TEDx Talk, “Geese from Bottles: Saving Business By Making It More Human,” that became a springboard for Be Human Project.

Articles by Eliot

How To Appear Human Without Actually Being Human

I’m told that brevity is the soul of wit. As such, I thought about just typing the word “politicians” in this article and calling it done. My goal is to demonstrate that communicators — good people by nature — are taught by the tools they use to believe that it is wisdom to be a liar.

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