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You Don't Run Your Race. It Runs You.

You Don’t Run Your Race. It Runs You.

The truth is you have no control. We don’t run the race. The race runs us. My father taught me the sacred nature of allowing the race to happen and making the most of whatever happens. The blow up we faced on our day in the sun was not our first or our last one. And that experience is a more fitting testament to my father’s character than I could have tried to arrange.

Jeremy Nulik Jeremy Nulik

Women In the Workplace; Adjusting as a Human Business

It has only taken me a handful of work years to discover that much needs to be done to create a better environment for women in the workplace. I am interested in helping to make change on this topic because of what I’ve experienced. What women have experienced is an obvious error in society that […]

Elaina Cokinos Elaina Cokinos

Loving Work At Be Human Project

Growing up, I had dreams of what I thought I would do one day. The particulars of those dreams would change, but the thing that stayed consistent was that it was something that was fun, exciting – something I loved.

Elaina Cokinos Elaina Cokinos