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The Reverse Interview

We all know how the typical job interview goes. The interviewee is asked a series of questions such as, “What are your skills? How long have you been in the field? What are you looking for compensation-wise?…” You all know the drill. We all know these are important questions that are a necessity in the hiring process. But, if the employee is supposed to love their job, shouldn’t the interview experience be reversed/reciprocal?

Elaina Cokinos Elaina Cokinos

How to be More Human

More Human: A New Podcast by the Be Human Project

Welcome to More Human, a new podcast from the Be Human Project. Every couple of weeks, More Human will offer you stories that encourage leaders to make their businesses and organizations more human. We pull back the curtain on raw, inspiring narratives from thinkers, achievers, doers and all-around awesome humans.

Jeremy Nulik Jeremy Nulik

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