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What Chickens can Teach Us about Company Culture

The organizational patterns of a chicken coop may not be the most likely place to model company culture. But what happens when you model a chicken coop after stereotypical hierarchy in a high-achiever focused company culture? Biologist William Muir found out, and the results were grim; the chickens at the top peck each other to death.

Brittany Nanney Brittany Nanney

The healing and human power of music in St. Louis

The “Courage Counts Showcase” concert at the Sun Theatre in St. Louis this spring was the culmination of an eight-week program called Life Compositions that matched music therapy students from Maryville University with sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-grade students of Confluence Academy Old North. The goal of the program was for the students to write songs about the trials and tribulations of growing up in urban areas.

Jean Kennedy Jean Kennedy

Cardinal Rules for Leadership

Matheny explains his style of team management as being a servant leader. He theorizes that a good leader should empower and encourage. As he explains, “you know somebody needs encouragement if they’re breathing.”

Brittany Nanney Brittany Nanney