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To work is human – or is it?
Musings from Happywork’s Chris Reimer

We are all so different. Instead of embracing tried and true phrases like, “We’re all made from the same stuff,” and “Diversity is our strength” (both of which are true, by the way), I choose to approach human interactions and teambuilding from a somewhat sideways angle. Human beings are all so different, and this presents challenges we need to face head-on.

Chris Reimer Chris Reimer

Be Human Salon: Be Happy

In April, we begin our second season of Be Human salons, and we are thrilled to be featuring our friend and Be Human Salon provocateur, Chris Reimer. Chris has been a supporter and participant in the Be Human Project and the salons that bring it to “the people” from the very beginning, and it is a pleasure and honor to feature him and his new book, “Happywork,” on April 22.

Jean Kennedy Jean Kennedy