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People Are Empowered from the Bottom Up

Hillary Clinton was on The Daily Show recently, and while there were lots of jokes about whether she is going to run for you-know-what, the conversation did turn to her new book. When it did, I thought for a few minutes I was suddenly transported to a Be Human Salon.

Kevin M. Mitchell Kevin M. Mitchell

How To Appear Human Without Actually Being Human

I’m told that brevity is the soul of wit. As such, I thought about just typing the word “politicians” in this article and calling it done. My goal is to demonstrate that communicators — good people by nature — are taught by the tools they use to believe that it is wisdom to be a liar.

Eliot Frick Eliot Frick

Hate Thousand Miles

In a world where companies can no longer escape the hate, where any customer can easily tell 5,000 of their closest friends you suck, one company is embracing it. Spirit Airlines is giving away 8,000 free miles to anyone with a Spirit Airlines account and some bottled frustration.

Kelly Brooks Kelly Brooks

What About the Numbers

What About the Numbers?

Former Southwest Airlines founder and CEO Herbert Kelleher said, “Anyone who puts things solely in terms of factors that can be quantified is missing the heart of business: people.” Albert Einstein said it this way, “Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.” If these two statements are true, and they most certainly are, then why do so few organizations get it?

Dr. Charlie Cartwright Dr. Charlie Cartwright