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What's In A Name

What’s in a name?

William Shakespeare said, “What’s in a name?” It’s the sweetest sound in the world when we hear it spoken aloud. When someone speaks our name, especially in a kind way, we are immediately called to attention. What about at work? How is our name used?

Dr. Charlie Cartwright Dr. Charlie Cartwright

Be Human Salon with Dave Gray

What does it mean to be a “connected” company? We explored this topic at the second Be Human Project Salon at the newly unveiled space of the bigwidesky office in Clayton. The event featured The Connected Company author Dave Gray and was hosted by award winning social media strategist Chris Reimer, proving to be a successful and thought-provoking evening.

Jean Kennedy Jean Kennedy

Be Human Salon: The Right Connection

A salon? That’s what my invitation says: “The Be Human Salon Featuring Special Guest Dave Gray.” Let me tell you why I’m so excited about what is, in fact, a very old idea.

Kevin M. Mitchell Kevin M. Mitchell