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“Be Human:” hug an artist today!

‘Be Human!’ What a wacky imperative. I love it because shouting – or whispering ‘Be Human’ raises every important question about fostering our highest potential into reality and every fear as we reflect on the human horrors of our history and present. ‘Be Human’ is an exhortation that is at once banal, accusatory, subversive and inspirational. ‘Be Human’ calls us to account as we collectively embrace the technological revolution that daily accelerates the convergence of wetware and software.

Steve Knight Steve Knight

Are Emails Ruining Business?

Until we begin to harness these tools – connect email to collaborative tools and begin to find ways to actually talk to each other – we are going to spin our wheels faster and faster and the system will inevitably break in a big way.

Dan Callahan Dan Callahan

How to Be More Human in a Digital Age

Delivering great returns to shareholders would not be possible unless customers were singing our praises, yet they would be reluctant to do so unless employees truly cared enough about each other and the customer to go that extra mile.

William A. Donius William A. Donius